Includes TV and Internal/Debug FILE://ROM pages.

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URLs can be C&Ped from the textboxs below to this access utility. Be sure to remove ALL BLANK SPACES from end of C&Ped URL. NOTE: This utility and access to these WTV URLs is a WTV-ONLY function. Access script modified from Limdog's original.

FILE://ROM/HTMLs: Special thanks to Idiotic and Saladman for their contributions to this section.
The htmls pages are stored in the box and most are available off-line by using either Poweroff codes or, if you are a Plus or DP user, by watching TV.
These pages fall into several categories:
1: pages used in setup or everyday operation of the browser... this includes the backgrounds and utility panels.
2: utility pages that might be needed to configure the box while off-line. These include the Phone and ISP setups.... and some secret phone options WTV has chosen to hide...such as the Advanced and Secret Phone Options pages. Typically these pages are reached by using PowerOff Codes.
3: WTV utility pages like Connect Setup which are not active... at least not in the production builds.
4: TV-side pages which can only be found on a Plus or DishPlayer.
5: Internal & Debug pages. These pages are ONLY on Internal and Debug builds.

Nearly all of these pages contain Display Tags which limit browser functions. For example, Display Tags may prevent you from Saving or Sending a file://rom/htmls page.


Some of these Plus and DishPlayer TV-side pages duplicate setup pages found elsewhere.



These pages are only on internal and debug builds. copies of these pages can be found here.