Created: 10-12-2000. Page design and Entire Site ulTRAX@webtv.net. NOTE: You may not be able to access all URLs. Some URLs may have been discontinued. Some URL access may be dependent on your type of box or Client version. Some URLs may be restricted.

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URLs can be C&Ped from the textboxs below to this access utility. Be sure to remove ALL BLANK SPACES from end of C&Ped URL.NOTE: This utility and access to these WTV URLs is a WTV-ONLY function. Access script modified from Limdog's original.

NOTE: These URLs came either from WNI server logs or a packet sniffer recording client-server traffic on a Viewer. The WTV-SCRIPTLESS IP service has, to the best of my knowledge, never shown up on a ShowServices List. But the ShowServices lists we tend to access may not include this IP service. Needless to say, without an IP and port to precede the filename... there's little chance of accesssing these URLs.